Custom Residential - City

Widelot Chicago House
New Custom Single-Family Home
Chicago, IL

This new single-family residence is located on a wide lot in the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview. FDA was asked to design a house that would feel like a "classic older Chicago home." The house, of brick and stucco, has traditional brick detailing, well-proportioned rooms, high ceilings and graceful character of an older home in which a few lucky families have lived over the years.

The house has a rear stair for the family and a more formal front stair as well. There is a large kitchen that is open to the adjacent family room, four bedrooms and three baths on the second floor and a great basement with a guest bedroom suite and a large entertainment room. The walk from the three-car garage to the house is protected by an open, roofed connection that links to the garden and patio in the rear yard.