Institutional & Office

Office Expansion for Threshold Acoustics
Expansion of Offices in the Chicago Board of Trade Building
Chicago, IL

FDA had previously designed a 6,500 SF office space for Threshold Acoustics.  With the rapid growth of the company, Threshold asked FDA to work with them and general contractor, Norcon Construction Corp., again to expand their offices.  The State-of-the-art acoustic testing studio was relocated, enlarged and improved.  The project entailed an open partners’ work area with an adjacent open presentation space, several glass meeting/work spaces, additional work stations and an open break out space for team meetings and collaboration.  The expansion continues the light filled approach and incorporates the red walls and walnut trim that were a leitmotif in the first build-out as a recurring theme that ties the expansion back to the original office space helping to make the transition from existing to new seamless.