Mixed-Use & Multi-Unit

3808 N Lakewood
New 5-Unit Apartment Building
Chicago, IL

FDA designed this new five-unit apartment building in a style that is clean and "modern" yet fits with the character of this Chicago neighborhood near Wrigley Field. The building is set back above the second story to create balconies and to match the scale of adjacent wood-frame single-family residences. The building facade is brick with limestone trim like nearby vintage apartment buildings.

The apartment floor plans reflect a creative response to the special overlay zoning requirements. These requirements allow for fewer apartments in order to lower density (five apartments allowed rather than six). Two apartments (3BR/3 bath) are duplexed into the basement. There is a third duplexed apartment (2BR/2-1/2 baths plus den) on a portion of the top two floors. A single-story apartment (2BR/2 bath) is on the second floor, and the top floor apartment (2BR/2-1/2 bath) "wraps around" the top floor of the upper floor duplexed apartment.